Hello there!
I'm Luke Lelonkievitz.
I'm from Europe but I'm living in Asia.
I'm proffessional graphic designer mostly focus on newspapers and magazines.
I have thirteen years of experience as Art Director for biggest international printing house in Germany, Spain, Poland, some countries in Southest Asia (Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand) and South Korea.
This is my profile on Linkedin.
I have proofed knowledge in print technology but also for last years I design stuff on digital devices like tablets, mobiles on Apple and Android platforms
( Mag+, Digital Publishing Suit, Woodwing, SmartConnection, etc.)
Typography is my passion and there is no secrets around ☺

Moreover I completed Study of Environmental Protection (BSc Eng.) then Master diploma of economy and finally I graduated Academy of Fine Arts in books, magazines and newspaper publications and with Master diploma as well.
I have met many great designers on my way and I've always humbly tried to be inspired by their knowledge, composition and design.
For last 10 years I have been designing professional magazines (before some ATL and BTL works for Ad agencies). I design magazines from scratch and create their grid systems.

Until today I have successfully won few tenders and awards in Custom Publishing sector.
Apart from all that, I'm a juror in the national competition of Custom Publishing Magazines, as well as the member of News Page Designer @Society for News Design in New York.
All that motivates me to explore even greater and more specialized knowledge of typography and design.
In addition to my passion for design, is street art, I enjoy cooking with my friends, however my greatest passion is paragliding... which takes almost all of my free time.

I sincerely invite you to cooperation, but you should know one more thing... that Nopaperdesign has no physical studio. It's just me, my knowledge, experience and love for great designs which I can easily take with me to any place on Earth.


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